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No more a regular tube but a low retention Sample Vial

NEST Sample Vials are widely used for storage or cryo preservation for serum, culture medium, cells and tissues, as well as reagents. One vial for all needs!

But ......

Has the leaking problem ever upsets you?

Has the retention on the wall ever distresses you?

Don't worry! The new version of Sample Vial is a perfect liquid solution for you!

It is no more a regular tube but a low retention Sample Vial!

Change One: new silicone gasket with the following advantages

1. Soft and highly resilient for better sealing performance between the cap and the tube

2. Resistant to heat and low temperature. No rupture, no scrap even at -270。C

3. Good oxidation resistance

4. Environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic, and odour free. No chemical reaction with biological reagents.

Change Two: smoother tube wall

Better hydrophobicity on the surface, which guarantees the sample recovery rate to the full extent.

1. A new kind of new surface material with high hydrophobicity.

2. No coating, no toxicity. 

Other delicate designs:

A. Colorful Inserts

As for the appearance, the screw caps of 6 colors are available in accordance with the codes, for easier and faster recognition of different reagents inside.

B. The knurled pattern of the tube body makes it easy to snap into the special base and can be screwed up by one hand.

C. The upgraded vials can withstand a maximum centrifugal force of 20,000xg.

A glimpse at the specifications: